Tom Petty- “Damn The Torpedoes” Throwback Review

It’s time for our second installment of Throwback Thursday, it’s a tribute to Tom Petty. Tom passed away this week, at age 66, and after just finishing a successful tour. I grew up on his music, and one of the first few concerts I ever saw was a Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers show. He was a great performer onstage, and one of the best songwriters of his generation. So, in honor of Mr. Petty, here is our throwback review. R.I.P, Tom.
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers have just released the first single from their new album, Damn the Torpedoes; “Don’t Do Me Like That”. It is driven by a great keyboard part, and has Petty’s signature vocal style. I have always thought that he has a Bob Dylan quality to his vocals, yet a style amongst himself as well. I feel this single is an exceptional way to get people interested in the album, which was released on the eve of Tom Petty’s 29th birthday, October 19, 1979; and what a great way to get ready to celebrate his birthday the following day; “Don’t Do Me Like That” was released a couple weeks late, November 5th, 1979.
The lyrics tell the story of a man talking to his love, apparently, is totally screwing him over. He’s begging her to not do him like that, don’t go out with another guy. In a way it’s a rock cliché, but, in the way the song is written, it never feels like one. In terms of the music, this is a well-rounded song. They keyboard is given center stage for the verses, and the guitars are sparse; yet still there to add flavoring. The melody is catchy, and overall the entire song is extremely memorable because of it. Personally, I love this song, and the entire Damn the Torpedoes album. Way to go, guys!!! 8/10
As I said in the preview, we lost a great artist, but also a person. So please remember that when on the internet, and show Tom and his family the respect that they deserve during this time of grieving. The web can be a mean, dirty place thanks to the many trolls out there. Peace out, readers!

– Tom Hanno