K FLAY “Everywhere Is Somewhere” Album Review



K Flay’s latest release “Everywhere is Somewhere” could easily be one of the most hard hitting albums this year. Released April 4, 2017, the album brings fire through the raspy, edgy, empowering voice of K Flay.

Although this is my first time listening to her music, I can definitely say I am upset at myself for not coming across her sooner. She blends her edgy soul with the beautiful sounds of rock and electronic music to make an original sound that reflects her feelings beyond the words. You get a little taste of everything with this one. Through her poetic use of words you are able to reflect and relate to her honesty and deep passion for the struggles and tribulations she’s been through. There is no hiding with her in this album and I feel that it is one of the things that really grabbed my attention. Home girl was not hiding anything, everything was just so pure and realistic. Music gets so repetitive and predictable nowadays but K Flay does a great job at steering away from the typical sound of music, especially for a woman. She unapologetically express her frustration and anger without trying to dim it down for the sake of anybody else. It’s just so raw!!!

One of the songs that really caught my attention has to be “Champagne”. The beat is in its own dope category. As soon as it comes on the first thing you want to do is just start rockin your shoulders. It starts off subtly smooth and while that’s going on she begins to spit her melodic raps perfectly to the rhythm of the base. Progressively the songs energy just busts out of the gates and next thing you know, you and the music hits another level. This is one of those “ I’ve had a hard week and I need to get some steam off my chest “ kind of songs. It goes perfect with the album because the whole thing is like a breath of fresh air. My favorite song on the album though is definitely “ The President Has a Sex Tape”. This song is a gem.  

This is one of those songs where you just want to transform into your alter ego and take over the world! The way she uses the bass in the background just adds the perfect touch of seduction without taking over the song. The only complaint I have about this song is that I wish it was longer.

Altogether , “Everywhere is Somewhere” is most definitely a work of art in its own special dark aggressive way. Listening to such honesty made me want to be more honest with some things within myself. This album is much more than beats and I feel like that is important to note because the words carry so much profound truth, and whether it’s your truth or theirs , it’s still truth. I hope everyone gets the chance to hear this beautiful piece of music and hopefully feel the passion she has put into this album for us.


– Maj  Stronger Rich


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