Interview With Symetria


Symetria, a New Jersey based group,  whose self-titled album dropped on September 29th, 2017, play the one form of music that I love the most, 1980’s inspired thrash metal. The guitars are a little on the raw side, think old-school D.R.I. tones, and are well written parts for the songs. There’s some really cool dual harmony guitars going on, a la Iron Maiden, and the vocals are just pure old school thrash. “Vinial Sin” is my favored track on this release, the intro has some of that dual harmony I just mentioned; then the riff comes in, and is slow, but heavy as hell. It’s a really cool way to start the song off, and Vince’s vocals in this are excellent; it’s where I hear a Forbidden influence. “Flying High” comes from a place that no human should ever travel, the dark road of drug addiction. Kevin is a recovering addict, and the song…well, I will let him explain……. “I think the song was more intended to be about the actual using process more than anything else” …. and the deeper explanation is in the question below this review.

I highly suggest that people who love true, pure, thrash metal go and check out this release. I’m old, so I grew up on the things they are playing. The whole album is full of great tunes, and makes for one hell of a debut album. Keep reading below for my short interview with Kevin, and crank up the tunes while you do it!!!

Chimera Mag (Tom) – Among the thrash metal resurgence, Symetria is a unique band. You guys have opted for a purer thrash sound, while some of these other groups are mixing death metal-esque vocals into the mix; thereby altering it. What made you, a newer band, opt to go for the 80’s thrash sound?

Kevin – I think we were just writing songs that we felt like weren’t really being written anymore, but with our own spin on them.  Obviously, influences are going to come into play, and my influences as a guitarist are bands of the 80’s.  We have other influences as a whole, but when I write a guitar part it will contain thrash elements, but it will also maintain a sense of melody at the same time.  Vince is a singer and not a screamer, and when I first heard him sing I thought that he was the perfect voice for the guitar tone and style I was going for at the time, so when we started really getting into the writing process it kind of just went in that direction naturally.

Tom – I love the guitar tones on this album. their raw, almost like D.R.I, and have an underground type of sound to them. What gear are you guys using? Guitars and amps, strings, etc.

Kevin – Thanks man, I’m glad you enjoy them!  We used the Mesaboogie Dual Rectifier with the rectifier cabs, which have Celestion vintage 30’s in them.  Guitars used were a Jackson RRM24 (Randy Rhoads) and a Jackson King V Pro Series both with EMG 81/85 pickups.  The strings were D’Addario strings gauges 10-46.

Tom – I hear some Iron Maiden influenced dual harmony work on the release. What other groups have influenced the sound of Symetria?

Kevin – I know the guys in the band have a lot of different influences and I can’t speak for them.  My personal influences are all of the Big 4 bands, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Helloween, Amon Amarth, Black Sabbath etc…  I like a lot of different bands as well, but these bands definitely influence my writing the most.

Tom – I love that you guys were open about your addiction, and used it as the basis for the song “Flying High”. I’m a recovering addict, so I know the struggle, the guilt, and the shame of what drugs do to you. Is there a lesson that listeners can glean from the song, and was that your intention with it?

Kevin – That’s awesome Tom thanks for sharing that!  It is embarrassing what happens to you when you really don’t want to live your life that way.  I think the song was more intended to be about the actual using process more than anything else.  There’s getting high, and then dealing with the aftermath of getting high.  So, I guess the song is more about the nature of the disease and everything that it entails, rather than the recovery aspect. 

Tom – Symetria is Polish for Symmetry, and the group is based in New Jersey. What was the motivation behind using a Polish word for the band’s name?

Vince had an idea for a concept album called Symetria’s something (I don’t remember the second part).  We decided to drop the second part and just use Symetria as the band name.  The meaning in English is beautiful, humble, balanced, and intelligent.  Besides the name just being a cool looking and sounding name, the significance really just seemed to flow with our ideas.

-Tom Hanno

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