MONOLORD- “Rust” Album Review

Album Review

Monolord, a doom trio from Gothenburg, Sweden, have an album out called Rust; available since September 219th, 2017. It is full of the doom, and gloom, that has quickly become one of my favored genres of music. Formed back in 2013 by Thomas V Jäger – Guitars & vocals, Esben Willems – Drums, and Mika Häkki – Bass, they quickly garnered a lot of public attention after the release of their debut for Riding Easy Records. Decibel magazine, New Noise Magazine, and This is Not a Scene all touted them as the perfect assault of sound, with a wall of guitars, that Monolord truly is able to put forth. This is Swedish Doom Metal at its finest.

The guitars are thick, heavily distorted, and all encompassing; yet, they leave enough room for the bass and drums to shine through the fog. I love the guitar tone, its dirty, and raw, which is one of the aspects about Doom Metal that I absolutely love; they seem to have that underground sound, without the bad mixing that some underground bands end up having. Monolord reminds me of Pallbearer sometimes, especially on the track named “Wormland”. It’s slow, heavy, and has that cool lead type guitar to help slow the track down even further. That’s one of the top things about Doom that I feel is so cool, it can be slow, yet heavy, and then the right guitar part can give it an atmospheric intensity that is so powerful, so emotionally moving; it really is an incredible genre if you can see it for what it is. “Wormland” has no vocals to it, but is 6 minutes and 5 seconds of pure sonic bliss; my favored track on this release. Another one, of the 6 songs that comprise this album, that I really gravitated to was “Dear Lucifer”. Being a metal head, I’m sure outsiders would expect it to be because of the Lucifer reference, but I don’t believe in Lucifer so it is not that. It’s just slower, sludgy, and heavier than anything else. I also really liked the vocal melody in the chorus, it is extremely memorable and well executed.

If you like Doom, then you will like Monolord’s Rust. It is doomy goodness, and it will creep into your brain like a parasite; feeding upon you, and infecting you with the slowest metal you can find. Go give this, and their other releases a listen; I’ll set a link to their Bandcamp page below. Enjoy!!!

-Tom Hanno