MOTHERSLUG- “The Electric Dunes Of Titan” Album Review

Album Review

Motherslug, from Melbourne, Australia, pump out some of the very best stoner doom that is currently out there. Robert Pilson of No Slip Records turned me on to this group, and hooked me up with the vinyl, and download, of their self-titled release; needless to say, I was hooked. ‘Slugs new album, The Electric Dunes of Titan, comes out on Halloween, and it is another example of the great music that Australia seems to produce on a regular basis.

I’ve mentioned before how Australia has been a hot spot as of late, and even commented that on a Facebook post. Motherslugs vocalist, Cameron Crichton, said this in reply, “mate, it never stopped, been firing on all cylinders since The Saints and Radio Birdman”. I guess that those of us here in the USA don’t get the exposure to these bands that we should. I’m here to change all that.

There are some standouts on this release that I’m going to bring up, and then I’ll let you investigate the band on your own. “Stoned by the Light” is a phenomenal song. I enjoy how the vocals really carry the melody, and the song, for the verses. It seems like the guitars are just there to keep the beat, but it works so well for them. There’s a section with heavy flanger, and what sounds like some wah pedal left open going on, and it has such an incredible, heady, sound. The riff right before the solo has a Black Sabbath quality, and leads into a killer guitar solo. This is my favorite track on this album, along with “Followers of the Sun”. On “Followers of the Sun”, there is a guitar part, that kicks in just before the second verse, that is so doom heavy; it is another place where you can hear a subtle Black Sabbath influence. Afterwards, it slows down in an epic way, then builds back up, and into that Sabbath styled riff again. Another thing on this album I enjoyed was the way these songs are written. Motherslug seem to be able to add a very nice improvisational vibe during the guitar solos, and they feel very loose and flowing, yet completely cohesive all at once. Overall, all off these tracks are really well put together, and makes for an interesting listening experience.

I’d say, at this point, that is fairly safe to assume that I am going to tell you all to go check out Motherslug’s release,  The Electric Dunes of Titan. Well, that assumption is 100% accurate, because that is precisely what I want you all to do. Anyone who likes doom, in all its many varieties, will love this release; which, in case you have forgotten already, is on this Halloween. They have a few songs from it on their Bandcamp page, and two other releases to check out as well. Go pre-order it, and I’ll leave you the links below that I have been trying to remember to leave you. Enjoy!!!


  • Tom Hanno

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