Korpiklaani “Live At Masters Of Rock” Album Review

Korpiklaani, a Finnish Folk Metal band, have a live album coming out August 25th, 2017. Live at Masters of Rock marks their very first DVD release, and, from what I have heard on the audio, it is going to be an amazing DVD/Blu-Ray release. Jonne Järvelä, who founded the group, does an array of instruments. Besides being the vocalist, he also plays guitar, hurdy-gurdy, and percussion. Jonne also took on the duties of editing, and mixing, this live release; enlisting the help of Svante Forsbäck, the man who just mastered the newest Rammstein DVD. They went into this with one goal in mind, to make those of us watching at home feel like we are there at the show, experiencing it with the band and the crowd. Jonne had this to say on the DVD, “This is our first ever DVD release, which we are very proud of. It has no backing tracks, no choirs, no samples, and all of the mistakes are included. It is just us, KORPIKLAANI, pure live rock ‘n’ roll.”

This was recorded at Masters of Rock, which is held in Vizovice, Czech Republic, last year, and the sound is incredible. “Juodaan viina”, one of my favorite songs by them, comes across so well onstage. There’s a great balance between the metal instruments, and the folk instruments. Neither overpowers the other, but compliments each other in spectacular style. Also included in this release is their 2014 Masters of Rock concert, which is equally as excellent.



Fans of Korpiklaani will love this, and I feel that people just discovering this band will also really enjoy this. I’ve been a huge fan of them for years now, and make sure I buy every album as it comes out; this DVD will be no exception to that trend either. So, August 25th, 2017 is the release date and I am looking very forward to this being available to the public. Go buy this, and support this very amazing Finnish folk/metal band!

-Tom Hanno

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