Beck-“Colors” album review

Album Review

If you don’t know who THE Beck is or at least the name than you have for sure been depriving yourself of some serious musical artistry. It’s been 13 years since his first single “Loser” was released in 1993 and since then he has made an outstanding name for himself. It’s been almost four years since the release of his Grammy Award winning album “Morning Phase” was released and the musical genius finally decided to bless our ears this October by releasing his newest project “Colors”. This is album will definitely get you up on your feet with its upbeat hypnotic rhythms. Within the album he still manages to keep his own unique “Beck” sound, so if you hear one of these songs from the other side of the street in another car, best believe you are going to know exactly whose song that is.

The first song on the album “Colors” ( ya’ll see what he did there), really sets the tone for the rest of the album. There is just enough going on in the song to where it’s not too overwhelming. If you really just sit and listen to all the different instruments and beats that are mixed together to create this unexplained, unworldly sound, you will realize the intelligence behind this man and his art. His voice on this track is like a high that just makes you feel like you’re floating or leaving your body. 

The song “Seventh Heaven” is a must hear when listening to the album. This is one of those “windows down, hair blowing through the wind” type of jams. You and your best buds may have all failed your exams or missed the due date for your bills but this song…. this is the song that makes you feel like your life is still somewhat together. There’s no worries and your carefree as can be, today might have sucked but life is still good. You are literally living in your own seventh heaven during this song. 


The song Beck really won me over with is no doubt “I’m so free”. You get a little taste of everything with this one. He starts you off with this groovy retro throwback sound that makes your hips just want to immediately start swinging and moving. Then, he hits you with this underground, basement, headbanging rock sound that has you just want to pump your fist like your going to war for justice or something. It really makes you feel like you’re at one your favorite local bands first performances in some crappy warehouse while also still having the time of your life. It’s absolutely liberating..

“Colors” by Beck is one of those albums I could talk about all day. It would definitely make the list of his best albums.. Beck was not playing around with this come back. He is consistently an amazing artist, and his sound is most certainly out of this world. This album is a perfect example of old school meets new school, alternative rock. If you are ever in a funk this album will undoubtedly bring your groove back. He is doing a great job at keeping his name alive, and after this album there is no doubt anybody will forget the work and music of Beck.

-Maj Rich