Jason Kui “Absence Of Words” – Album Review

Album Review

Jason Kui, a Hong Kong based fusion guitarist/composer, was just recently signed to Prosthetic Records. In Jason’s own words, “Getting signed by Prosthetic is quite unbelievable. It has been my ambition for years to be signed by an American label. I hope this will lead a tour and performing in the US! I can’t wait for everyone to experience my album.” On October 13th, 2017, he released an album called Absence of Words, and it is full of the kind of guitar mastery that harkens the sounds of Jason Becker, John Petrucci, Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and so many other ridiculously talented guitarists. Jason melds the sounds of jazz fusion, metal, rock, funk, and even some ballad elements, in order to make an extremely strong, cohesive offering.


I play guitar, not terribly, but I’m no Dave Mustaine either, and I love to hear guys who take the instrument to the next level; and then create another level that has never been heard before. Jason is one of those guys who does just that, creating his own world on guitar, and bringing the listener into it. This album is a journey into mind-blowing playing, superb song writing, and beautiful tones. It is very apparent that his influences range far and wide, not just in shred guitar playing, but in adding elements from across the globe. There is a beautiful Middle Eastern feel on “Dance of Awakening”, and it really adds to the overall intensity of the song. This is my favorite track here, and the leads are simply outstanding. His sweep-picking, his use of emotion in portraying his music, and the harmony between the rhythm track, and his leads…just simply superior in terms of everything we look for in music. This record makes me want to play guitar until my fingers bleed, but knowing that I can never match the skill Jason employs also makes me want to smash my JL-7 into little pieces, burn them, and then never pick up a guitar again; he’s that damn good.

So, if you play guitar, or just enjoy hearing someone with mounds of raw talent, then make sure you pick up Jason Kui’s Absence of Words. It is an album that is extremely worthy of your time, and is available right now!!!

Absence of Words track listing:

  1. Polarized
  2. Reactive Impulse
  3. Morning Breeze (featuring Rafa De la Garza)
  4. Dance of Awakening (The Spirit)
  5. Squeaky Switch
  6. Now! You! Know! (featuring Josh Smith)
  7. Moving On


  • Tom Hanno


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