Deep – “Deepkult” Album Review

Album Review

When Black Sabbath hit the scene, no one thought that they would have the long, lasting, effect that they have had. Without that legendary band, heavy metal music would sound like Led Zeppelin, and we would never have seen the rise of the doom metal, stoner metal, and all the assorted sub-genres that we now have the pleasuring of listening to. There would also be  Deep, nor their newest album, entitled DeepKult. Hailing from Joensuu, Finland, Deep has delivered us an album that is steeped in the Sabbath mentality, and some serious Geezer Butler-style bass playing.

DeepKult is a six song journey into the groove heavy, doom/stoner genre from Finland; I was unaware until just recently how large the genre has become, Finland is just one of many foreign countries that have thriving doom scenes. The bass playing is so damn good, and it is very up-front in the mix; which is something I wouldn’t like in any other style of music; but here it is awesome. The track, “My Own Way”, is one of my favorite tracks, and it is largely due to the incredible bass line, and how the guitar interacts with the bassist; just some incredible playing on it. As far as my guitar playing pick, (see what I did there with the word pick?), goes, the track I chose is called “Kebab”, and it is also my favorite track here. This one is more ethereal, and spacy, than “My Own Way”, and shows another side to their playing. I love how the guitar playing seems to float above the rhythm section, and how the bass lays down a very solid groove for the floating guitars; stoner metal vibe is intact on this track.

DeepKult, by Deep, is a very killer release, full of all the elements that fans of this genre are looking for. I love seeing all these bands, making albums that could stand next to Sabbath back in the day. There’s so many amazing ones that it makes me dizzy trying to remember them all, and Deep is on that list of great doom/stoner metal awesomeness!! Go check them out, and I’ll even leave you a couple of links. Enjoy!!

  • Tom Hanno

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