Hail Sagan Self Titled EP Review

        Hail Sagan, based in Los Angeles, CA., play hard rock/metal music. The group is fronted by Sagan Amery, and Nick Quijano is the guitarist. Nick used to be in a little group called Powerman 5000, but is no longer with them; the rest of the band are unknown people who go only by the monikers of The Nothing. They currently have a self-titled E.P. available, which, obviously, is what we will be discussing here.

       On this E.P. there are 4 originals, and an amazingly good cover of “Epic” by Faith No More. I’m going to start with the cover of “Epic”, mostly because I’m a huge fan of Mike Patton, and Faith No More. I am going to start off by saying that no one should attempt to cover FNM’s music, unless you can make the song your own, and stay true to the original as well; Hail Sagan has done just that, and I am super fucking impressed with this track. Sagan’s vocals are very well suited to it, and the band really brings a great re-imagining of this classic tune. “Dark Cloud” is the first thing I had heard from the band, and it is at the top of the pack here. The bass drum tone in the verses is great, and really helps propel the song forward. Sagan has very diverse vocal style, and it’s very refreshing to hear her go from some harsh vocals to a clean singing voice, and then into an almost Britney Spears type of thing. I know, you are all thinking how weird that sounds, but I am here to tell you that it is awesome in this style of music!!

       Hail Sagan’s self-titled E.P. is really good, and I think you guys will enjoy it. So, go find their Facebook page, website, or what have you; then listen to this release. If you’ve never heard of them before, then you can thank me later for telling you about this very talented group of musicians. Enjoy!!!!


Tom Hanno

Chimera Magazine