Morbid Angel “Kingdoms Disdained” Album Review

Album Review

Morbid Angel; I have loved this band since I first heard “God of Emptiness”, but I stopped listening after David Vincent left. The new album, Kingdoms Disdained, proved to me that it was a bad choice. David’s original replacement was Steve Tucker, who once again replaced David after the poorly received Illud Divinum Insanus, and is a phenomenal death metal vocalist; I now plan to go back, and check out the other albums he sang on. Of course, long-time guitarist and founder, Trey Azagthoth, is still there; drummer Scott Fuller, and second guitarist Dan Vadim Von round out the group.
Old–school fans of this iconic death metal band are going to be very fucking happy upon listening to this album. It is pure death metal, and in the style that Morbid Angel are best known for; heavy, fast, with sludgy parts, and the classic Trey Azagthoth style of lead guitar playing. Personally, my favorite two albums are Covenant, and Domination, and those two albums influence can be heard on Kingdoms Disdained. Opening track, and first single, “Pillars of Little Arms” and second track, “D.E.A.D”, are influenced by those classic albums; brutal as can be, but still highly listenable. My favorite one is called, “Gardens of Disdain”, and is pure Domination – era Morbid Angel. Steve Tucker is the perfect replacement for David Vincent, they have a similar style, and Tucker doesn’t want to do experimental music that will disrupt the fan-base; he wants to play death metal, and this album is full of it. Scott Fuller is a beast on drums, and the mix has him placed perfectly; you can hear them so well, and the tone is awesome!
Kingdoms Disdained comes out on my birthday, December 1st, 2017, and is one heavy way to bring in that day! Morbid Angel, as I said earlier, has always been one of my favorite groups, and is often credited with being one of the originators of the death metal genre. They are back to further that legacy, and in precise, heavy form!!!!