Annihilator- “For The Demented” Album Review


Annihilator, a heavy metal band from Ottawa, Canada, released a new album on November 3rd, 2017. For the Demented is the 16th album from this iconic band, and is a bruising ride into the sonic realms of audio bliss. The band is fronted by founding member Jeff Waters, who handles vocals, guitars, and is the main songwriter for the group;  Annihilator is rounded out by, Rich Hinks: bass guitar, Aaron Homma: guitar, and Fabio Alessandrini: drums.

Annihilator was founded back in 1984, and now, 33 years later, they still have the sound that they have always kept, honed to a razor sharp edge. My pick for best song and video of 2017 comes from this album, and is the track “Pieces of You”. The lyrical content is based on an actual murder, one where a man grew tired of his nagging, bitchy, girlfriend; in a haze of bloodthirsty anger, he killed, dismembered, and cannibalized her. “A terrible thing has come over me, I can’t remember anything. I told you to stop, but it’s too late. Deep inside these pieces I ate.” Totally brutal lyrics, and a very nice, almost metal-ballad style song; at times it reminds me of something Skid Row would have done, if they had the balls to sing about real shit. The mid-section of this song has a really nice clean guitar, and over the top is a driving distorted rhythm guitar; underneath the clean is the sound of a knife and fork on a dinner plate, a nice touch for the cannibalistic nature of the murder. Another track I really liked is called, “The Demon You Know”. This one is just a catchy, heavy track, with a great bass-and-drum driven verse. The bass guitar tone is fat, and so nice, and the guitars are reminiscent of “Blacklist”-era Exodus. The lead sections are super sick, and really well thought out, and well played.

For the Demented makes its way into my ears everyday now, it is just that good. Jeff Waters, and Annihilator have brought us a fantastic fucking album, and I sure hope they come to the Central New York region to tour this bad boy. Go check it out, and murder your girlfriend, and eat her….wait, no…on second thought, leave the murder to those that are so inclined. Enjoy!

  • Tom Hanno

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