Imagine Fest 2017- 3 Days of Awesomeness

Festival Review

I’ve attended the Electric Zoo for the past 2 years but never experienced anything like this festival before in my life. Then again I haven’t been to many EDM fests before so I might be being a little biased or ignorant, or maybe both. But anyway it was an AMAZING experience nonetheless. The Djs, the attractions, the artists, the people, all added up to one of the most stellar weekends I have ever had in my life. Let me give ya the details…

This was the festival’s second year at the Atlanta Motor speedway since moving from their original spot at the Historic Fourth Ward Park (Atlanta). This is no suprise due to the increase in attendance, especially when you feature headliners such as Deadmou5, Teisto, Zomboy, Above & Beyond and Flux Pavillion.

On night one as I was waiting in line to get into the event we (the crowd) were met by a band of fun loving pirates that were inciting the crowd to get the party started early. After scanning our wristbands myself with the heard of other concert goers were then ushered to the walkway that led into the race track’s concession areas where you could feel the power of the bass forcing itself through the walls and floors of venue. I’m not exaggerating when I say the metal beams rattled with every hit of the kick drum. Once I entered the race I was in awe. The very first image I saw was of the Disco Inferno Stage. The only way I can explain it is that its was a big ball of pyrotechnics the would light up the whole infield of the race track with every bass drop. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. Mind you, I have seen performances that have included pyrotechnics before but nothing like this.

But This stage wasn’t the only attraction. The event’s Main Stages Oceania and Amazonia were posted up on opposite ends of the track and were sprinkled with pyrotechnics, lots of smoke and really great aquatic themed performers and acrobats that added to stages visuals other than just the same old digital LED backdrops.

In addition to the three larger stages there were also three smaller (Aeria, Six Feathers and Shipwrecked) stages that were packed with such talent as Flats Stanlie, Blunts & Blondes, Netsky, Planet Of The Drums, Nugs Bunny and Midnite Panda. There was also an after party stage (Silent Disco) in the camping area for all those who wanted the party to continue. Tearing it up that stage was artists such as Nastu, JuJu Beats, Higher Learning, Tickno and Robbie Dude.

Amongst all the talent to be seen there were also other fun activities to do while waiting for your favorite DJ to come on. Such as two, yes two swimming pools. One placed far enough back to where you can catch all of the festivals action and one right along side the Oceania stage so you can swim and boogie to the groove. The festival also provided carnival attractions such as a Ferris Wheel, a gigantic fun slide and swings which ran from the beginning straight till closing every night. There was also an activity hall if you wanted to get out of the heat that had pool, foosball and ping pong tables. The festival was also sympathetic to concert goers surviving the brutal Atlanta heat by providing them cool down solutions as a cooling hut, misting pavilions the splash pool, and they also helped the crowd stay hydrated with dozens of water stations found around nearly every corner of the field. This is a rarity with festivals and that makes this one stand out from the others that I have attended.

Imagine also offered VIP options if you had the wallet for it. One option you could go with was the Sky Deck experience. This route provided you with elevated viewing of the Oceania stage, private seating, AC and private bathrooms, oh yeah and table to eat at. Option two was the Artist’s Lounge. This was an indoor/outdoor lounge that was placed in the back right side corner of the splash pool and provided an excellent view of the Oceania Stage. There were comfy couches and sitting areas as well as free liquor and eats, yup all you can eat and drink. And the best part… that’s where the artists hung out.


Imagine also hosted its first Festival Fashion Show which was held pool side on Saturday night and I forgot to mention the Barre & Yoga (Hosted by Exhale) wellbeing experience that was located at the Silent Disco in the campground. It was a combination of spa therapies such as massages, facials, acupuncture, nails and waxing and fitness classes like barre, cardio, yoga and HIIT. The morning yoga sessions were accompanied by the sounds of DJ Ree De Lavega. It was great for those who just wanted to relax or correct all the abuse you put your body through the night before.


From the moment I stepped in line on the first night, to celebrating with shots of vodka out of a Pepsi bottle with complete strangers until the last song of Claude Van Stroke on Sunday, it was the amazing experience. Thank you Imagine and hopefully I’ll see you again next year.


  • Paxton Connors


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