Almanac- “Kingslayer” Album Review

Album Review


Almanac, a symphonic power metal group, has a new album coming out on November 24th, 2017; Kingslayer is the name of this release, which will be available through Nuclear Blast Records. After 15 years as guitarist, producer, and composer for the German Heavy Metal institution RAGE, Victor Smolski now continues his musical career with his new group Almanac. This album is full of the type of metal that will make your head bang, your legs move, and your senses spin. It is really a great achievement for a new band, but it is no surprise with Victor Smolski leading the charge.

I love symphonic elements in heavy metal, and Almanac tastefully applies these to their songs. These elements are never overbearing, and always add just the right flavor to the compositions they are attached to. My top track is called, “Hail to the King”, and it is full of huge vocal melodies, astounding guitar work, and those wonderful symphonic aspects that make the rhythm guitars sound so much fuller. I found myself unable to sit still while listening to this track, because it just grabs ahold of you, and carries you away; headed towards a land of sonic wonderment, and skilled musicianship. Another great tune is called, “Losing My Mind”, and it has an infectious guitar part; when coupled with the vocals it makes for one of the most powerful numbers on Kingslayer. I really love the fact that there are multiple vocalists, and that they each add their own style to these songs, and, when they are all working together, they conjure up some amazing vocals. Overall, this is a fantastic album, one that is full of all the aspects that fans of this genre and old-school metal fans will love equally.

Kingslayer, by new group Almanac, will be out on November 24th, 2017; I urge you all to give it a listen, because it is a great record. Musicians will love the sheer skill it takes to play these songs, and music fans will enjoy the songs for what they are; amazing soundscapes, that will transport you to another realm of musical enjoyment. I’ll leave a link or two below, so you can navigate your way to the group a bit more easily.


  • Tom Hanno

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