Butcher Babies ‘Lilith’ – Album Review

There are not many bands that can boldly claim to be the full package, however I must confess to you my friends, that the Butcher Babies is one of those bands.  It is with minor biased that I admit that they have been among my favorites for years, and with good reason.  From the moment I heard their early, pre-album release track “Jesus Needs More Babies for His War Machine” I was hooked.  This was a group that socked you in the face with their brilliant blend of brutal beauty and bloody boldness.  From their debut E.P., to their first full length album ‘Goliath’ to 2015’s ‘Take It Like a Man,’ the group has grown and evolved over the years into polished, certified, metal phenoms.  Luckily their latest record, ‘Lilith,’ is no exception, showcasing the group as one of rock’s rising rebels.  And while some fans may have lamented the departure of drummer Chris Warner (particularly considering he was one of the founding members), the Babies have brought Chase Brickenden on board, adding a fresh new perspective into their sound.

The first track on ‘Lilith,’ titled “Burn the Straw Man,” rip roars right out of the gate, with pulse pounding, explosive energy.  To be honest, this is one of those songs that makes you want to grab your friend and throw them across the room (in a fun loving manner, of course).  It’s exciting and invigorating in that violently incredible way that only metal fans can relate to.  Similarly, tracks such as “POMONA (Shit Happens)’ and “Lilith” follow suit, showcasing vocalist Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey’s brutally delicious vocal range.  The number “#iwokeuplikethis” is another one worth mentioning, and was giving me major “Dead Man Walking” vibes.  In fact, I would consider it arguably the heaviest Butcher Babies song to date, which is really saying something considering their penchant for the punch of aggression.  Not ones to be pigeonholed, the band does offer up a range of high and low, with songs that show off a softer side that we don’t often see from the group.  “Headspin” is one example of this, featuring more melodic vocals reminiscent of “Thrown Away” from ‘Take It Like a Man.”  “The Huntsman” and “Look What We’ve Done” likewise are slightly more subdued, the latter of which could easily be tapped as the band’s next single, thanks to its infectious chorus that is undoubtedly the most radio friendly of all the Babies’ efforts thus far.  I would be remiss however, if I did not mention “Oceana,” my current favorite off the record.  It has a super cool groove, a beautiful, hypnotic bridge, and an experimental sound that in no way follows a familiar formula.

In short, ‘Lilith’ kicks ass.  As a Butcher Babies fan it’s everything I had hoped it would be and more.  In fact, dear readers, yours truly is currently ultra pregnant and was so inspired by the name and the lure of the Lilith this album was named after, that I will be naming my own little butcher baby “Lily.”  How’s that for fandom?  Furthermore, I would be remiss if I did not mention that not only is the album incredible, but the band is as well.  They are by far one of the most energetic, charismatic groups I have ever seen live, and are among the sweetest, most down to Earth people you will ever meet, should you get the chance.  So if you’re looking for some salty words of snark, you can look elsewhere because ‘Lilith,’ much like the beer drinkers and hell raisers themselves, is the full fucking package.

Kelly Mason

Chimera Magazine


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