Trivium Unleash “The Sin And The Sentence”

Album Review




On October 20th, 2017, Trivium dropped a new album upon our heads. The Sin and The Sentence is one of the best albums they have done since the Shogun era (my favorite album by them), and serves as a re-introduction to the harsh singing that we have all come to know and love. Fans of the band will recall that Matt Heafy had blown out his voice a few years ago, and had to put in some hard work to be able to sing the way he had beforehand. I’m here to tell you that all his hard work has paid off, and that he sounds just as good as he ever has; maybe better. Guitar players, bassists, and drummers, will all love the musicianship that Trivium applies here; not that it is any surprise, they are all upper level musicians, and are at the top of their game with The Sin and The Sentence.

This album opens up with one of the heaviest tracks they have done since “Kirisute Gomen”, or “In Waves”, entitled “Beyond Oblivion”. This track is blistering, and the guitars are so well played. I have always loved the way Matt Heafy and Cory Beaulieu play together, and around each other, their individual parts are always the perfect compliment to the others. “Betrayer” is a track that has a very definite Iron Maiden feel to parts of it, and the vocal work is among the best on this release. I love the chorus, the lyrics to it could be applied to anyone who has betrayed you, and it is sung so well; the vocal melodies are awesome across the board.

I remember when Trivium put out their first album, and magazines like Guitar World, and Rip Magazine, were touting them as the next Metallica. It was very apparent back then that early Metallica was an influence at the, as of then, young band. My opinion, and it will be an unpopular one, is that Trivium far exceeds anything Metallica has done since …..And Justice for All. They continue to put out great albums, with riffs that never get boring, while Metallica puts out 8 minute songs with 2 guitar riffs in them, and then I’m bored halfway into the song.

So, since this album is already out, there is no reason for you to hesitate on streaming, buying physical copies, or digitally downloading this bad boy. The Sin and The Sentence is a phenomenal release, and a must have for any Trivium fan. Enjoy!!!!

8.5/10 Drinking Horns Filled! (my personal rating system)

-Tom Hanno

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