Hugin Munin “All Hail Odin” Album Review

Album Review

Today we are talking about a band named Hugin Munin, named after Odin’s Ravens; Hugin translates to thought, and Munin translates to memory. You may remember that I have said I am Pagan, a Norse Pagan to be exact, and this group is one of many that pays homage to the gods and goddesses of the Norse pantheon. Thorgrim, guitarist and Facebook friend, sent me some of the tracks from their most recent release, All Hail Odin; he also agreed to an interview which will be coming soon. Hugin Munin shares a lot in common with Amon Amarth, yet is able to have their own unique take on the genre that is called “Viking metal”.

Title track, “Hail Odin”, is a tour de force of heavy riffing, thundering drums, and death metal-esque vocal work. This track is ultra-heavy, and will stick in your head for hours after you listen to it. “Odin! Sons of Odin!”, proclaiming their place among all men who follow the ancient paths, that allow glory into their lives, and that honor the gods with every action taken. Musically, this is a track that features some really great playing, and songwriting. It has a definite Amon Amarth feel to it, and, since they are among the biggest bands in the genre, this is a huge compliment. “All for Nothing” is another track that stood out to me as I listened to the four tracks Thorgrim had available to send me. The guitar playing in this one is phenomenal, with some of the heaviest rhythms, and stunning leads around. It also shows that Hugin Munin may have a similar sound to other bands in their genre, but are a beast unto themselves as well. I really love everything I’ve heard from them!

All Hail Odin is available now online, and in-store. Hugin Munin is currently on tour so; if they come close to you, catch them live!! I’m sure it will be a great way to hear these excellent, pagan songs.

  • Tom Hanno

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