Rock Allegiance Interview with Brent from August Burns Red


Chimera Magazine had the opportunity to attend this year’s Rock Allegiance in Camden, New Jersey. BB&T Pavilion hosted the music festival which drew a crowd of over 20,000 people. Not only did we get to watch some of our favorite bands perform live, but we were given permission to interview bands like Biters, He Is Legend, and DED (to name a few).  Amongst those bands we were able to speak with Brent Rambler from August Burns Red, just one of the bands that opened for the infamous Rob Zombie.


If you haven’t heard of this band, that’s very unfortunate because they’ve been producing quality metal for over a decade. Check out their site for more into:

Or follow them on social media @augustburnsred on Facebook, @abrband on Instagram, and @abrband on Twitter.


The band:

JB Brubaker, Guitarist

Brent Rambler, Guitarist

Matt Greiner, Drummer

Jake Luhrs, Frontman

Dustin Davidson, Bassist



Their new album, Phantom Anthem, was released on October 6, 2017 and packs a punch. If you haven’t heard it yet, you can stream it on Spotify or check out their music video for “The Frost” on YouTube 


I setup my microphones and recorder outside of the press room for the interview. After a few minutes I was greeted with a friendly smile and a firm handshake by Brent.


Sierra (Chimera) : I’m here with…*finger guns firing at Brent*


Brent: Brent from August Burns Red.


Sierra : So I’m super excited to be interviewing you today because you just released a new album so, I had a chance to listen to a few of the songs and it’s a little bit different. I remember when I first heard you guys, this was back in like 2006 or so, about ten years ago. So your sound has changed a lot, like you guys are a lot heavier; you were more melodic before. I want you to describe in 3 words, what the album is for you.


Brent: For me? This album is heavy, it’s aggressive, and I would say that it’s thoughtful. The lyrics are pretty well done on this record. So a lot of thought went into that. Those 3, that works.


Sierra:  What track do you feel the most personal connection to?


Brent: The Frost. I wrote the words for that song.


Sierra: Can you tell us a little bit about it, like the story behind it? 


Brent: Yeah, sure! It’s about finding something new in life that can help you get through something stressful or a point of anxiety, for me that was cycling- like biking.

[Which you can check out his insta for dope photos of him biking in different countries around the world: @brentrambler]

I picked that up and it was like my way to get away for a couple hours of the day just to clear my head. So I wrote about that and a lot of visuals come from that reference.


Sierra: That’s awesome! I’ll definitely have to check it out again and pay better attention. So you definitely think it’s a little bit more poetic in a way, but it’s aggressive poetry?


Brent: Yeah, lyrically I think it is. We paid a lot of attention to making sure that the words were catchy and they did justice to the songs because we know that the music is pretty intense and very technical and can kinda throw people off, so we put focus on making sure the vocals were what tied the part together. So they’re actually the thing you’re latching on to in the song because the sometimes music can be hard to latch on to, so we needed something in there that would grab the listener immediately. And then obviously second, third, fourth time through, listening to the record you can really pay attention to the music.  We needed that more simple thing to bring everything together.


Sierra: Well, I’m stoked on it and super stoked to meet you. I have one more question for you.  What is your guilty music pleasure?


Brent: That’s hard! Uhm… my biggest guilty music pleasure is…  it’s not even that guilty, but a rapper named Atmosphere. I love him, I think he’s great. I don’t think a lot of people would think I’d be in to that. He’s like the only one, well I’m sure there’s more, but I liked how I saw them once at a festival in Finland or something and I liked how they had real instruments and things like that and I thought, I really like him.


Sierra: Very cool! Shout out to Atmosphere. Make sure to check out the new album titled… *finger guns*


Brent: Phantom Anthem.


Sierra: So what inspired that, if I can ask one more quick question?


Brent: Yeah, sure! The album title comes from… you have, like people you just walk by everyday and don’t really pay any attention to them even like, if you meet someone for the first time it’s pretty easy to write people off. So obviously that’s not the best thing in the world, so try to give everyone a chance based on the fact that you don’t know what’s inside anyone or what drives them or what their purpose in life is, such is the Anthem part. Then the Phantom part it’s about how it’s easy to pass by somebody and not think about what makes that person unique. That’s where the album title comes from.


Sierra: That’s very deep. Thank you so much for your time, it’s been great meeting you.


Brent: Thank you!



Is it just me or are we noticing a pattern?

Do all metalheads love listening to rap?


Be sure to check out Phantom Anthem. I promise it’s worth it. August Burns Red has a way of constructing interesting sounds together to captivate interest. My personal favorites have been “King of Sorrow”, “Float”, and “Carbon Copy”. If you haven’t had the time to listen to this album, don’t panic; you have time.

August Burns Red just announced an international tour for the release of the record. They’ll be touring with Born Of Osiris, Erra, and Ocean Grove from January 5, 2018- February 18, 2017. You can see the list of dates and buy tickets on their site at:



Written by Sierra Santschi

Photo Credit: April Woronowicz