Hell Breaks Loose On Latest Album “Invincible” By Deuce

Album Review

On December 1st, 2017, Deuce will release his newest rap-metal masterpiece, Invincible. Most of you will recognize him from the first Hollywood Undead album. Tha’ Producer, as he was known in HU, left the band in 2009 due to some personal issues within the group. His departure left a huge hole in Hollywood Undead, and it has shown in their music ever since. With Invincible, Deuce shows us exactly why he has the following that he has; the whole album is a blistering example of what one man, with a vision, can do with his music.

I always wondered where the heavy guitars disappeared to after Hollywood Undead’s Swan Song album, and now I know; Deuce took that shit with him when he left, and is still applying it to his music. In the track “Hells Gonna Break Loose”, these types of guitars are in full force, and it adds such a great element to Deuces rhymes. I absolutely love the chorus to this song, “I fuckin hate you, I thought that you pussies knew, it don’t matter what you do, hells gonna break loose. Fuck what you been through, the shit that you say too, no matter what you do, hells gonna break loose.” Angry, and the flow is as catchy as a fly ball; this makes for a very memorable track. However, my personal pick is the track, “World on Fire”. This song has some great musical elements, distorted guitars, and a very nice clean guitar part for the intro and verses. This reminds me of classic Hollywood Undead, and makes me realize that Deuce had way more to do with their sound than he is given credit for. The only drawback to this album is that it seems to lose focus after the 10th song or so; almost like the last few songs were thrown together as filler. Overall, I really enjoy this album, and recommend it to people who love the genre.

Invincible ,by Deuce, available on my birthday, December 1st, 2017. Make sure you check it out, because it’s a damn good album!!!

  • Tom Hanno