Hamferd set to release “Támsins likam” through Metal Blade

Tom Hanno

Hamferð is a doom metal band from Tórshavn, Faroe Islands, and is signed to Metal Blade Records. This sextet of musicians, who all dress as if they have just left for a funeral, have created a sound that is unparalleled among their peers. A blend of several genres, and the closest sub-genre I can come up with is blackened-progressive-death-doom metal. I am a rabid fan of doom, and these guys have given me a new appreciation for the limits that can be pushed within the doom genre. This album, this slow, heavy, crushing album, is an example of what can be done to spice up a style that has been oversaturated with bands that all do the same thing. Támsins likam, available January 12th, 2018, is the name of this monster, and means “Body of the Mist”. Hamferð has an eerie meaning for those that live upon the Faroe Islands, and “refers to an apparition: the image of a person facing death, appearing before his or her loved ones as an omen” (straight from the press release that accompanied the album). It doesn’t get much more Doom than that, until you actually hear what they have created.
There are the slow riffs that one would expect from any band that falls under the Doom Metal banner, but there are accents that bring to mind Black Metal. The vocals range from Death Metal-esque, all the way up to Progressive when they are cleanly sung. Hamferð’s Támsins likam is truly an eclectic listening experience, and one that most Doom diehards will pass by; this is a mistake of epic proportions, because the very reason they will pass it up, is also the reason that they should listen to it. This album is ethereal at times, bruising at others, and just an enlightening listening experience overall. There are times when the clean aspects are a little boring, but all add to the overall vibe that the band is trying to capture.
So, if any of the comparisons I made sound good to you, and you like when bands try to push the limits of their chosen genre, then I recommend you check out Támsins likam by Hamferð. It will be made available to the public this coming January 12th, 2018, through Metal Blade Records!! Enjoy!

6.75/10 Drinking Horns Filled