Embrace The Dawn Release Brutally Heavy “The Effigist”

Album Review

Time for another Australian band, and this time they hail from Sydney; the band is called Embrace the Dawn and they are tech-death with a solid death-core twist. The have an album that is available now and it goes by the title of, The Effigist. Normally when one thinks of tech-death, or progressive death, they think of bands like Allegaeon, or Ne Obliviscaris, but Embrace the Dawn is a bit different from the norm of the genre. They mix the guitar gymnastics of bands like Rings of Saturn, and the heavy, bludgeoning riffing of bands like Thy Art Is Murder. This mix provides a solid listening experience, and has some great songwriting contained therein.

The Effigist is loaded with heavy, yet complex, guitar playing, thunderous drumming, and bass guitar mastery; coupled with some very brutal vocal work. The song “Tartarus” is a prime example of what I am talking about. This is an extremely heavy track, and showcases the skills of each band member. The bass guitar is beautifully played, and Denis Landry adds some great parts to all of these tunes. Ben Tinker , who handles guitar, programming, and song writing duties, weaves a complex web of parts in this track, and gives Denis lots of room for sick bass parts. The drumming is awesome!! Kevin Talley, who has played for bands like Six Feet Under (one of my faves), Suffocation, Chimera, and tech-death masters, Dying Fetus, is the backbone for these crushing tunes. I have always loved his playing, and the drum sound is full, and mixed in so nicely. Roger Isaksen has a great voice, and a decent range of tones to choose from. His guttural tones are so fucking good, just sick, brutal vocal work through this song, and the whole album really! Another song worthy of mentioning is called “The Tide”, and is full of the great writing, and killer performances, of this phenomenal group of musicians.

If you enjoy heavy, well written, tech-death, the Embrace the Dawn is the band for you! They are fairly new, having formed only 2 years ago, but sound as seasoned as a band older than they. The Effigist is available now, so go pick it up!!!!

  • Tom Hanno