Nevermore And Sanctuary Singer Warrel Dane Passes Away Suddenly In Brazil


PARIS, FRANCE - FEBRUARY 28: Warrel Dane performs live with 'Nevermore', co-headlining show with 'Symphony X' at Elysee Montmartre on February 28, 2011 in Paris, France. (Photo by Samuel Dietz/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Warrel Dane

Today, my hopes and dreams of a Nevermore reunion tour/album were decimated with the passing of Warrel Dane in São Paulo, Brazil. Warrel was the singer for one of the greatest metal bands ever, a band that once contained visionaries like Jeff Loomis, and Chris Broderick, a band called Nevermore. He was also the front-man for Sanctuary in the 80’s, and again in the last few years; putting out an album with them, 2014’s The Year the Sun Died. “He died in the night,” Johnny Moraes, Danes guitarist, told Brazil’s UOL. “He was in the apartment where he stayed during the recording of the album when it happened. I gave him cardiac massage and we called the Mobile Emergency Care Service (SAMU), who came very fast, but when they arrived, he was already dead.” posthumous tribute, but no decision has yet been made.


Lenny Rutledge, who was the guitarist in Sanctuary, spoke of Warrel’s passing on the band’s Facebook page. “Today I wake up to the news that Warrel Dane has died,” he wrote. “I don’t even know what to say. My friend, brother and musical companion for over 30 years has passed away. I’m in total shock right now. I’m sorry for any close family or friends that had to hear the news on Facebook.”Warrel’s soring vocals were legendary, and while in Nevermore, he, in my opinion, recorded some of his best vocal work ever. As I write this, I am listening to their album, The Obsidian Conspiracy, and I am reminded of the first time I heard it. I was floored by the guitar work of Jeff Loomis, yet enraptured by the vocals on the album. Songs like, “And the Maiden Spoke”, “Emptiness Unobstructed”, and “The Day You Built the Wall”, made me an instant fan of Warrel Dane. When Nevermore split in 2011 I was extremely bummed, but I have always held onto the hope that they would put aside their differences, and tour once more, maybe do another album. Last night, sometime after midnight, those hopes were made as useless as the pipe dreams of small children. So today the metal music community mourns the loss of one of their own, and we must rely on the music to keep their memory alive. Below is a list of songs that he did while in Nevermore, a playlist of sorts, go give them all a listen. RIP Warrel Dane.

“And the Maiden Spoke” – The Obsidian Conspiracy

“Emptiness Unobstructed” – The Obsidian Conspiracy

“Final Product” – This Godless Endeavor

“My Acid Words” – This Godless Endeavor

“Enemies of Reality” – Enemies of Reality

“I, Voyager” – Enemies of Reality

“Inside Four Walls” – Dead Heart, in a Dead World

“The Heart Collector” – Dead Heart, in a Dead World

“Ophidian” – Dreaming Neon Black

“I Am the Dog” – Dreaming Neon Black

“The Politics of Ecstasy” – The Politics of Ecstasy

“Next in Line” – The Politics of Ecstasy