Avatar Make Early Case For Metal Album Of 2018 With “Avatar Country”

Tom Hanno

Avatar has a new album coming out January 12th, 2018, it is called Avatar Country. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that Feathers and Flesh didn’t do it for me. After Hail the Apocalypse and The Black Waltz, which were both brilliant albums, Feathers and Flesh was a disappointment. However, on Avatar Country the band has returned to the majestic heights of the previously mentioned releases.

The album opens with an instrumental called “Glory to the King”, and it is a horn blaring ode to the King of Avatar Country. The next track, “Legend of the King”, opens up with the guitar pyrotechnics that Kungen, and Tim Öhrström, are known for. The first verse brings it down a notch before exploding in signature Avatar style. It’s so good that I literally have goosebumps from this triumphant return from the Swedish metal greats! I have always loved the vocals of Johannes Michael Gustaf Eckerström, and his dirty vocals have an almost a death metal feel in small sections, and his cleans are superb as always!!! “The King Welcomes You to Avatar Country” opens up with a dirty, bluesy, riff that sounds right at home here. This track has an almost AC/DC feel to it, mixed with George Thorogood, but done Avatar style; with a very jazzy section towards the end of it, before kicking back into the dirty blues riff. It’s a fucking cool track, and shows the depths of the talent that this band has; never being satisfied to staying within the boundaries of the typical metal band. That’s just the first three tracks, so you know the rest is just as good. I wasn’t going to mention another song, but holy shit is the song “Kings Harvest” absolute metal perfection; the riffs, the vocals, the whole damn thing is superb!!!! This album is their crowning achievement (intentional word play there hahaaha)!


So, Avatar has this fucking amazing new album coming out on January 12th, 2018, and it is called Avatar Country. I cannot find the words that suitably express how phenomenally, awesomely, amazing this album truly is. It is better than I could have ever hoped for. Now we need a US headlining tour from them, no less talented band after them, just them headling. Let’s see it, Avatar!!! Enjoy!!!!

10/10 Drinking Horns Filled


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