Accuser Release Modern Thrash Masterpiece with Album “The Mastery”

Album Review

Accuser, a thrash metal band from Siegen, Germany, have an album coming out January, 26th, 2018; this album is called The Mastery, and it is a hard core thrash celebration. Fans of this genre are aware that the Germans have cornered the market on legendary thrash metal; groups such as Accuser, Kreator, and Destruction, are all shining examples of this claim. Accuser was a working group from 1986 through 1996, and they had national, and international, success; yet, in 1996 the music world saw the band split up. Accuser made its triumphant return in 2008, and now, ten years later, they are set to release their sophomore effort for Metal Blade; their label debut was 2016’s The Forlorn Divide.

Musically, this is a modern thrash masterpiece, and, in my opinion, far outweighs many of the bands claiming to be thrash nowadays. Album opener, “Mission: Missile”, sets the tone for the record, and, once this album gets moving, it becomes a juggernaut of thrash metal that doesn’t stop; it is just relentless in its ferocity. The guitars cut through the mix like bone saws, and the bass and drums create a concrete foundation for the band to build upon. I especially enjoyed the vocal work on this album, mostly because they are exactly what thrash metal vocals are supposed to be. Frank Thomas, who also plays guitar, has a vocal style that is intelligible, while all the while retaining that heavy edge needed for thrash. Track #5, “My Skin”, was another track that grabbed me. The clean guitar intro provides a nice build up to the meat of the song, and, once the riff kicks in, it is difficult not to head bang to the heavy grove of the this heavy tune. Other standout tracks are “Catacombs”, “Solace of Sorrow”, and “Into the Black”.

The Mastery is just that, the mastery of thrash by a group of musicians that call themselves Accuser. This is one of the best thrash albums I have heard in recent times, and it starts 2018 off with a thunderous hammer strike to our collective auditory systems. I urge you all to go and give this album a spin when it comes out, and the date for that, in case you forgot, is January 26th, 2018!! Enjoy!!!!

7.5/10 Drinking Horns Filled

  • Tom Hanno

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