Rochester’s King Buffalo Set To Release “Repeater”




King Buffalo, hailing from Rochester, NY, is one of those bands whose music will surprise you, especially if you judge a band by their name. I did not expect the heady, atmospheric nature of their music at all. However, it was not a bad surprise at all, as they employ the use of beauty, fuzz guitars, some nice echo effects a la Pink Floyd, some psychedelia, and have a bit of jam band vibes going on as well. Their new album, Repeater, drops on January 5th, and I think those of you who enjoy solid, underground music will really get into the sounds that swirl endlessly throughout this album. I urge those who listen do so with headphones, as it captures the overall sonic effect that the band is putting forth for us.

The title track opens up this album, and is 13 minutes and 40 seconds of sonic wonderment. There was a time when I thought that songs of this length became boring, more of an excuse to show off than actually being a listenable track. Bands like Clouds Taste Satanic, Enhailer, and now King Buffalo have proven that to be a foolish belief. Even after the 13 minutes is up, the song having ended, I still wanted more of this song called “Repeater”. It is just a phenomenal way to open up this album, serving as an excellent introduction to the band for those who have not previously been acquainted with it.

The nest two songs are nowhere near the length of the first one, but still have the same effect on the listener. Track #2, “Too Little, Too Late”, is an acid trip in song form, with the sounds swirling, and undulating in sublime perfection. No vocals on this one, nor are they needed as the music really stands on its own.

The third, and final, track is called “Centurion”, it also is the first thing I heard from this band of psychedelic fuzz masters.  The guitar intro is so perfect, clean, arpeggiated, and also serving as the verse part. The vocals are haunting, peering into your mind to see what it can stir up, and very well suited to the musical element of this song.  It builds up to a fevered pitch towards the latter half of the song, and it is a beautiful, cacophony of sound; which then leads back to the main riff until the end of the song.

King Buffalo will be releasing this album in a few short days, and you should definitely give it a listen. It is only being released digitally, and on black vinyl with a 250 copy limit. It’s a fantastic album, and I stress to you again that you should listen to it in headphones for the full effect of these tunes. I’ll drop some links below!!!!


  • Tom Hanno


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