DON BROCO ‘Technology’ Album Review

Review: Tom Hanno

Don Broco, an indie rock/pop sensation out of the UK, is set to release a new album on February 2nd, called Technology via SharpTone Records. This is a group of musicians that I had previously been unaware of, but, upon listening to what they have created on this album, I am quite pleased to have been given the heads up on them. Employing a mix of rock guitars, pop sensibilities, and great songwriting, this is a group that is sure to turn heads.

“Come out to L.A.” is the first track that I listened to, thanks in no small part to Youtube, and it is an instantly memorable tune. The melody is strong with this one, and contains some very solid vocal work. One of the things that I enjoy about this band is the ability to have some great indie rock stuff going on, while really retaining a pop sound; all while not sounding like every other band within the genre, and this track is a perfect example of that.
“Pretty” has more of the indie rock sound going on, and is a bit heavier than the tracks that precede it; they have also employed a new wave, Depeche Mode inspired, section in the middle of this one. The groove is powerful, and the New-Wave synth is the perfect addition to the guitar driven tone of this one. I feel that this is the best song on the album, as it uses two aspects I love, synth and heavy guitar tones.

Second song, “Stay Ignorant”, has a funk tone from the get-go. I love the fact that their Bedford, N. London accents are easily heard here. That, for me, lends legitimacy to their music, which stems from my immense fascination with The Beatles. Towards the end of this one the guitars get pretty heavy, having an almost nu-metal sound to them, and it is a great way to end this track.

“T-Shirt Song” has a heavy intro, and reminded me of Ska music, even though it isn’t Ska music, but in a very cool way. As with the other songs, they have an excellent grasp on melody, and the vocal work is really well done; there is a lot of range being used, adding another element for your ear to latch onto. The guitar work is excellent, and is never overplayed, never overpowering, and is very well thought out.

“Tightrope” is built upon a solid New-Wave sound, with some of the highest vocals on the album. The chorus finds a huge guitar part taking over for the synths, and once again it adds an element that helps keep the song interesting. The mid-section sounds amazing in headphones, as the synth bounces back and forth between the sides, and this is where we could a definite U2 influence going on in the guitar work.

“Eighth track, “Everybody”, takes advantage of all the sounds we have discussed thus far, and uses them all perfectly; a hard feat considering it’s all in one song. An excellent, rocking tune to be sure.

Don Broco is an extremely talented group of musicians, and fans of them will truly love this album. Technology is full of just that, talented musicians doing what they love, creating great music for the fans. I urge you to give them a listen, even if it is outside of your normal listening area, because I think you will be surprised at how much you will enjoy their music!