Terror Universal Set To Release “Make Them Bleed” On January 19th



Terror Universal have an album called Make Them Bleed coming out on January 19th; it will be made available in conjunction with Minus Head records. This group of heavy metal maniacs is made up of members, or former members, of bands such as  Ill Niño, Machine Head, Soulfly, and Upon A Burning Body, and, judging by these names, we are all in for some great heavy music. The cool thing about this band is that they don’t want to rest upon their laurels, and, instead of broadcasting their true names, have chosen aliases to go by; they are Vocalist: PLAGUE, Drummer: MASSACRE, on Bass: DIABOLUS, and on Guitars: THRAX.

The album opens up with a blistering track called “Passage of Pain (Blood)”, and it is a brutal opening to this release. One thing I love about this band is that, while they are quite adept at bringing the heavy, they can bust out with a memorable chorus, and some really nicely done clean-ish vocal work. The breakdown is excellent, the guitars are crushing, and the vocal parts are the perfect complement to this section.

“Make Them Bleed” is another track that immediately sets upon the course of heaviness. This one opens with a ten ton hammer strike of guitar riffing, then doesn’t let up until the song comes to an end; it is just a neck snapping, beast of a song. The chorus stomps its way through your ears, and hits so damn hard!

“Through the Mirrors” has a definite Slipknot feel to it, think .5: The Gray Chapter- era Slipknot. Some really heavy guitars are employed here, and the Corey Taylor influenced vocals are the perfect complement to this song. This is one of my favorites on this album, not just because of the Slipknot sound, but because it is a truly heavy track that just demands to be heard.


“Dig You a Hole” opens up with a mellow interlude of sorts, and reminds me of a music box. When the guitars, bass, and drums kick in it comes with same force that all of these songs bring. However, this track kind of brings an Avatar type of sound to it, with the heavy groove, and the way it is written; thereby making it another track that I favor off of this release.

Terror Universal knows how to bring the heavy, infusing it with melody, groove, and well written music to support it. I really love this album, and have dug what they do since I first heard of them a few years ago. This is a strong album that will satisfy fans of all metal genres, and I urge you all to go and Make them Bleed a listen, it will not disappoint you at all!!! Enjoy!!!!


  • Tom Hanno


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