DVSN: Canadian duo paving the way for R&B – “Morning After” Album Review

Album Review

The OVO team have been coming out with new incredible R&B artists, one after another, and they aren’t just any musicians, these are true artists of their craft – which leads me to the incredible duo who make up DVSN. This impeccable duo is made up of singer Daniel Delay and producer Nineteen85, who not to long ago began catching the ears of many from their debut single “Hallucination”. Since then, the the two have done extremely well with keeping their name rolling of listeners’ tongues.
 DVSN recently released their new album Morning After on October 13, 2017, that has unquestionably contributed to setting the tone for this generation’s baby making music . They use an urban, soulful sound and lyric choices to portray the indecisiveness that occurs within his relationships/relationships in general. This album reminds me of a nice bottle of red wine. Its very velvety and tantalizing but can still f*** you up. Delay really poured his emotions into this album which can be heard within every single lyric used to describe this rollercoaster of an relationship. Nineteen85 incorporates a great mixture of smooth jazz and contemporary R&B to illustrate the tone of emotions behind the lyrics to create an harmonious angelic album.

The song “Keep Calm” on “Morning After” is an exquisite piece of work. It opens up with the delicate sounds of a jazz piano, setting the sensual tone that is emphasized throughout the song. Delay describes his dedication and willingness to make the relationship work and expresses the words “keep calm” in order to establish the safety of being with him within the relationship. The serene sound used for the song really amplifies the aspect of keeping calm that is being portrayed. It is very soothing with a balanced bump to where it’s soft to enough to keep you relaxed, but not quite the type of music to put you to sleep. I feel every man or woman would love to be talked about in such a way which is why I think I personally fell in love with the song, other than the beat of course. The way he describes his ability to compromise for the sake of the love they have for each other is absolutely beauteous. All while doing so, he manages to also describe doing this without putting any pressure on his lover to make any quick decisions because he understands the true importance  of the relationship/situation. (Why can’t every problem within a relationship be handled like this???) All together it’s just very appealing song that’s graciousness is bound to captivate any listener.

Another one to look out for on the album is “ Don’t Choose”. DVSN brings an upbeat funky R&B sound to this track that will get you jigging for the one time. Delay explains the basic confusion and contemplation of a couple who might be in the so called ”talking stage” of a romantic relationship. They might be confused on where they stand with each other and have a hard time time figuring it out, due to the not knowing of what either person wants in the relationship. In the beginning of the song he states “You said that you need someone who’s constant, Before you go cut your other options.” This has to be the quote of this generation when it comes to relationships. 2017 was all about “ who is worth cutting all my h**s off for”. Sad…..but true. He uses his intuitive words as a tool for persuasion in order to try and make the relationship official. They also use the magnetizing vocals of The PartyNextDoor in the background adding to the bewitching sound and increasing it’s capability of trapping its prey ( the other companion).

My favorite song on this album has to be “ Mood”. Ya’ll……. This song is pure sex, there really is no better word to describe it. When I say this song sounds like some OG baby making music I am not messin’ around. In this song, Delay explains how his experience with the unrevealed lover has cause him to fall in love and crave her more than he seems to have ever before. He then constantly repeats throughout the song “ Look what you made me do” implying that this vulnerability that has come upon him has never been unlocked before or at least wasn’t intended to happen. Nineteen85 incorporates this bewildering guitar solo that will leave your heart bursting in your pants. The sorcery within this song will have you out here falling in love with things as simple as air to be honest. It really is an enchanting melody, And its alluring vibe takes over your body in the most celestial way. (Video Below)

 This album is an pure experience in itself. Every song hits every point of the exciting, as well as fearful, possibilities when falling in love in the most relatable way possible. Especially during the time we are in right now, where everyone has this inner turmoil of wanting to open up but being to scared to let anyone in. DVSN is most certainly one of the voices of our time which is why I feel they will be heard more than ever throughout these next few years. The R&B industry is coming back stronger than ever and DVSN is obviously determined to be huge part of it. Morning After is an album that one should definitely take the time out of their day to truly listen, vibe, and appreciate. It is a beautiful R&B interpretation of a love story that is relatable, as well as entertaining. When it comes to DVSN I can confidently say I’m a fan. If you enjoy their music as much as I do, they are currently on tour right now, so I would catch them while you can because this duo is on the rise!


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