“Press Restart” Tour comes through Clifton Park Ft. Walk The Moon And Company Of Thieves

Show Review

It might have been only 21 degrees last night in Clifton Park but inside Upstate Concert Hall it was on fire. Walk The Moon’s “Press Restart” tour came through and brought nothing but heat. The venue was packed with a mixed age crowd of fun loving humans waiting to belt out their favorite songs from the Ohio Indie rockers. There were more smiles and face paint than at county fair.

First I would like to mention the opener, the Chicago natives Company Of Thieves who absolutely killed it! They crowd instantly got right into them. They played for about 50 min and rocked the whole time. Listening to them you wouldn’t even of known that they had recently gotten back together because every song was performed perfectly. From beginning to end it was non stop energy and I feel like they could have played a full hour and a half and no one would have complained. If you haven’t heard of this band before you absolutely have to take a listen.

Company Of Theives


The lights go and the crowd goes nuts much the like at the start of every opener. Girl screams echoed all around and mixed in hoots and “yeahs” from the fellows. The blue stage lights raise up and then… “Say what, I was happy, I was happy for you”. The first words of the title track of tour (Press Restart). The crowd chimed in right away accompanied by cheers and more screaming. Now I haven’t seen these guys since they toured for their first album Tightrope and I must say that after seeing them again a couple years later, shame on me. If you want to go to a place where you can forget all the stresses of your everyday problems and just let loose and sing loudly and just have a good time, then this is the show you want to be at and this is the band you want to be seeing. The energy that this band gives off in their live performance is unreal. The crowd sings and dances loud and proud as if they were in the comfort zones of their bedrooms. And the band feeds off of that and puts that love and energy right back into the crowd and you can feel it. And although this tour is in support on their new album What If Nothing they still threw in some oldies like Lisa Baby, Shiver Shiver and Tight Rope for the die hard fans. But it it didn’t matter what they played the crowd loved it. It was like every song that was performed was a hit single. The best was the grand finale of course. They came back for out for an explosive encore and closed out the show with the Up 2 You and the infamous Anna Sun. This was hands down the best performance I have seen so far this year, just amazing!

Walk The Moon


I’m not exaggerating when I say music fans should feel blessed to be able to have the opportunity to experience the amazing talent of these two bands. It’s truly a two for one deal. If you haven’t gotten tickets and your a fan of great music then you have to see this tour.


-Paxton Connors


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