Two Glorious Nights With Spafford

Show Review

Spafford’s “For Amusement Only” tour recently rolled into New York state and we were there for both dates. One night at Buffalo’s Iron Works and the following at The Westcott Theater in Syracuse. I would be attending The Westcott Theater show and I was feeling an elevated sense of excitement as prior to showtime. The night before our photographer covering the event Tom Fucillo sent me a series of texts expressing his feelings on his first time seeing the band. He described them “Like a mix of Twiddle and Grateful Dead”, vehemently telling me how much I needed to attend their show the following night. The improvisational rock/jam band features , Guitarist/vocals, Brian Moss, Red Johnson on keys, Cameron Laforest on drums and Jordan Fairless on vocals/bass.

Spafford At Buffalo Irons Works

It was their first-ever show at The Westcott Theater and you could tell the crowd was excited for them to take the stage. The venue was packed and people were eager to start dancing. Prior to showtime, I began asking random fans what they thought of Spafford and was met with “Dude! They are the next Umphrey’s for sure!” and “I have seen Spafford 4 times already and have never had a bad time“.    The guys took the stage near 10 pm and played well after midnight. My first thoughts upon hearing them was that their sound was smooth and flawless. The type of sound that flows over your ears like water and transitions so well that you feel surrounded by a constant stream of sound waves. It was soothing and invigorating and I didn’t stop bouncing around the theater all night. It felt as if the guys in Spafford have a genuine love for music as they seemed to float from on genre to the next. The smiles between Fairless and Moss during transitions gave you the impression that they genuinely loved performing together.

Spafford At The Westcott Theater Syracuse

I am what most hardcore jam fans would call a “Newb” because my experience in the scene has been limited. I couldn’t honestly tell you the  names of most songs or albums by the great Jam bands of our time. ie Grateful Dead, Phish. However, I have had the pleasure of seeing great bands like Twiddle and Aqueous and have developed a new found love for the genre. The boys in Spafford definitely live up to the hype. They are, even in my amateur opinion the “Next big thing” in jam music.  I know many of our readers come from a hard rock background and to them I would say “Give this band a chance, Give your ears a bath and soak in the warm soothing greatness that is Spafford!


  • Derek Jones



Set List

Set 1

  • Memphis
  • Made for Weasley
  • Windmill
  • My Road
  • Night After Night
  • Eternity
  • Minds Unchained

Set 2

  • America
  • Lovesick Melody
  • Soil
  • Land Down Under
  • Lonely
  • Levilan Shores


  • Beautiful Day


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