Letters From The Colony Set To Release “Vignette” Through Nuclear Blast

Album Review


Letters from the Colony, who come to us from Borlänge, Sweden, have an album called Vignette releasing, through Nuclear Blast Records, on February 16th.  Inspired by the likes of Meshuggah, Opeth, Gojira, Between the Buried and Me, Pink Floyd; Letters from the Colony is not your standard metal fare. This band uses complex guitar parts, melody, and an ethereal sound that is unmatched in this genre. I think fans of any of the bands listed above can find at least something about this band that is listenable; I know I thoroughly enjoyed what LFTC brought to the table with this release.

The first track, “Galax”, bounces between djent, progressive, death-core, and space rock; somehow this band is able to cross these genre lines seamlessly, and make it all sound as if it’s perfectly normal. The jazz inspired interlude here is wonderful, creating an eye of the storm effect, before kicking back into a djent section. The vocals are amazing on this, and all, tracks, heavy, and adding just the right flare to these songs.

“This Creature Will Haunt Us” is a beautifully written, and perfectly executed, track. It is 1minute and 38 seconds of echo effects on a clean guitar, bringing to mind the latter era of Pink Floyd. This is a wonderful piece that serves as a halfway point on the album.

The very next track, “Cataclysm” is an extremely progressive song, and will make most people think of Meshuggah. The sheer skill it takes to play, and write, these riffs is staggering, as they are complex, heavy as Thor’s Hammer, and will make any listener drop their jaws in awe.

“Sunwise” has my choice for best song. The guitar riffs are things of brutal beauty, and kept my ear interested through the entire song. This is also the best song in terms of vocal power, and execution; they are extremely heavy, and completely fitting to this track.

I absolutely love the way Letters from the Colony mixes styles, and creates this incredibly intense album; they are certainly masters of their craft, and Vignette is an album that fans of Meshuggah and Opeth will be able to sink their teeth into, metaphorically speaking that is. I highly suggest that anyone who loves heavy music go and buy this album upon its release!!!!!!! Enjoy!!!


  • Tom Hanno



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