Festival Feature: Earth Garden, Ta’ Qali Malta

Festival Feature

Festival season is upon us! Well…almost! It does seem as though we are hit with another massive festival lineup announcement almost daily. With so many great festivals and artists to choose from how can anyone decide which festivals to attend?? Well, we at Chimera hope to make your choices a little bit easier for you. Each week we will feature one or two festivals that we are personally excited about. First up on our list,



Earth Garden, Ta’ Qali, Malta



EARTH GARDEN FESTIVAL is an annual outdoor festival held on the beautiful island of Malta. What makes this festival unique is that it considers itself a “Non-Mainstream” Music Festival. So while you won’t be seeing Arcade Fire or Lorde, you will be seeing over 100 of the best underground acts from around the world. The Festival will feature 5 different music stages with a variety of themes. This includes the Roots Stage, Enchanted Forest, Electronic Sphere, Strawberry Hill and a very well organized live Jamming Area. Earth Garden prides itself on maintaining it’s green footprint and eclectic music styles which include Blues, Jazz, Funk, Ska, Dub, Reggae, Psychedelic & Alternative Rock, Gypsy Punk, Psychedelic Trance and everything in between. This festival seems to have everything you need in a great festival, Chill vibes and a colorful atmosphere, mix that together with great music on a Mediterranean island paradise!? So far only 4 artists have been announced with the next announcement coming March 1st.  This festival has been going on for almost 11 years now so these people know how to organize a good time. It’s a celebration of the Earth with nothing bug good energy. Did I also mention that unlike many of your other massive festivals, it’s actually affordable?!  So for tickets and more information on Earth Garden, be sure to check out:






Artist Feature: Gentleman’s Dub Club


Gentleman’s Dub Club is a killer nine-piece Dub/Reggae band from Leeds UK. It was just announced that they will be performing at this years Earth Garden festival so be ready to dance your butts off! They have topped Reggae charts all over the UK and are known for their high energy, fun shows!  They released their most recent album “Dubtopia” in April of last year and there is no doubt they have something special in store for fans attending Earth Garden this year. So far they are the band I am most excited to see! So if you don’t want to miss them and all the other exciting acts at this years Earth Garden Festival be sure to get your tickets now! (Here)



For more on Gentleman’s Dub Club check out: