Black Space Riders Are Nails In A Flower Garden, With Recent Release Amoretum Vol 1.

Album Review

Germany’s Black Space Riders combine a cloud of power chords on top of a melody that can only be described as nails in a flower garden. Their newest record Amoretum Vol 1, out January 26th on Black Space Records, showcases that vital blend with a collection of songs that bounces like atoms in a padded room. The record is heavy with stellar, and subtle song writing genius with a sneer that can’t be ignored.
Lead song “Lovely Lovelie” is a down tuned banger with snarling vocals that dips into the guttural. “Soul Shelter (Inside of Me)” is a bass heavy, impression of a vampire with ominous overtones. “Friends Are Falling” begins with trippy, waterfall guitar before kicking into a memorable chorus. All extremely accessible songs that are radio-ready, but still hold a respectable weight for the die-hard metal fiend. Think more Soundgarden… less Nickelback
The gem on the record is the earworm single “Another Sort of Homecoming” that will find the listener humming the song hours later… on the toilet, doing your taxes, in the car with your kids, any number of awkward moments when your subconscious finds it most convenient. And… who doesn’t want some subconscious in their lives?
 Amoretum Vol 1 is just a really good listen, from a record that doesn’t fit a mold. It deserves some love… so hand it over.
Listen to it (Here)
-Brian Furman
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