MALUS DEXTRA Premier ‘Wanderer’ Music Video

Malus Dextra has released a video for their song “Wanderer”, which was taken from their self-titled debut album; released on Halloween of last year. Chimera Magazine has teamed up with the band for a series of promotional events that will coincide with tour dates, video releases, etc, and we are glad to partner up with such an incredibly talented group of musicians; not to mention the fact that Wayne and Justin (and I’m sure the rest of the band as well) are two great guys that I look forward to meeting in person this year, as they are hitting select cities in support of the album starting March 23rd; labeled as The Ostara Tour.

“Wanderer” is the first track on their album, but the second single; “Traces of Hate” was released as a lyric video previously. The song itself is about the inner demons and struggles that so many people deal with on a daily basis due to depression and anxiety. For the video they tried to implement how much chaos one goes through in such a short amount of time, and things that can trigger the issues. As a person who deals with these problems, I can say that they have done a great job showing the agony that depression/anxiety can inflict upon the person. Lyrically, Wayne is able to capture feelings that I myself have felt, quite often still do, in a very truthful way. I don’t know about you guys, but I really love it when bands I dig are able to portray these emotions in an intelligent, honest manner; Malus Dextra accomplished just that with the song and accompanying video.

The Ostara Tour is coming up quickly, and there are several confirmed dates. The tour begins March 23rd at Blackthorn Pizza and Pub in Joplin, MO, and continues on for the following dates

March 24th The Roxy Shawnee, KS, March 25th Steel Bar Wichita, KS, and April 20th Blackbird on Pearl Tulsa, OK .

There are more dates to be announced so keep an eye out on the Malus Dextra social media pages, and don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter on their website (links below to get you started). Until then, enjoy the video, and get a physical, or digital, copy of their phenomenal debut album.