Space Jesus / PlayStation Theater

The Jersey Native Sold Out NYC’s Iconic PlayStation Theater

Brooklyn’s Space Jesus did one hell of a job raising the roof off of NYC’s PlayStation Theater last night. It was an epic night of bass, distortion and dirty hip-hop beats. I’m sure fans that attended the gig are waking up swallowing aspirin due to sore necks and thighs from all the head banging and dancing that took place. The show was pure energy, it was loud, it was sexy and the visuals (projections & lighting) were just as lit as his beats. Now I have been a huge fan of the now Brooklyn based / NJ born producer’s unique, euphoric, dirty style beats since I first discovered “Quantum Crunk Theory” about a year ago. And the only way that I can properly explain his style is that he’s like a caffeinated Bassnectar, a ball of pure energy. I’m pretty sure if you were to be struck by lightning the synths of Space Jesus would be exactly what you would hear.

The Temple of Noom Tour also brought some other crazy talent into the mix, Minnesota, Of The Trees, Huxley Anne undoubtedly did an explosive job of paving the way that lead up to Jesus himself. I was honored and humbled that I was able to cover such a badass event. Fans of EDM if you haven’t peeped this cat’s show yet you definitely should. And to all of those people who haven’t heard of Space Jesus before I encourage you to do so because you’re missing out on some of the nastiest tracks known to man.

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